Our site redesign

17 May, 2020

Welcome to the new-look Gauntlet site. The original design was whipped up pretty quick so we had a page to point to for the App Store listing. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t particularly engaging. We spent some time this past weekend rewriting the site and giving it some much-needed design love.

The original site was a quick React page, but we’ve since ported the site over to Jekyll. We had some plans that made building the site in React make sense, but we’ve put those on ice to focus on our main product offering: the mobile app. Since we don’t need a lot of what React brings to the table, moving to a simpler solution makes sense. Enter Jekyll. We wanted a static site for the speed, but also something we could both write posts for easily. We both have a development background, so why use a CMS when you’ve got GitHub and a Markdown file.

The rebuild took less than a day, with the redesign spread over the course of 3 days between feeding a baby and pulling dandelion weeds out of the yard.

Why did we add a blog? Well, without going in to too much detail just yet we felt it’d be cool to have a home for some Gauntlet related content - things like app updates, feature announcements and some other things we’re cooking up.

If you’d like to know when a new post is published, follow @gauntletmtg on Twitter or join our Discord server.

Thanks for reading, come back soon.

✌️ Scott and Adam

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